Rescue Services

We provide work-at-height safety rescue equipment and training services to workers on bridges, towers, smoke stacks, aerial lift work platforms, scissor lifts, suspended scaffolding, roofs, walls, guard rails and catwalks while performing arena, stadium, theater & stage production rigging, lighting, roof work, painting, pressure or window washing, pest control, structural climbing, construction, facade & structural surveys, inspection and maintenance of buildings, chimneys, tanks, boilers, dams, cranes, ships, masts and offshore oil rigs. Also Here at SG, we sell an extensive range of confined space rescue equipment which is designed to keep you safe whilst entering, escaping, and working within an enclosed space. We are providing rescue men Hiring Services on short and long-term basis. SG Team members are well-respected and regarded as Top Professionals in the industry. On this page, you will find a variety of items considered essential for anyone who works in confined spaces and work at height.